Current Latin translation of the Bible: the Nova Vulgata

The Nova Vulgata, or Neo-vulgate, is the Latin translation of the Bible used by the Church in the current editions of the liturgical books. It is derived from the Vulgata whose first author was St. Jerome (†420). The Nova Vulgata was first published in 1979. The Old Testament and the New Testament are available here. […]

XML format at

We have good reasons for not using the widespread formats of Microsoft® Word processor .DOC and .RTF for our liturgical texts.

XML format specifications for liturgical texts

What is the XML format? The XML format is probably the format of the future. It looks like HTML, but the tags it contains vary from one user to the other. However some browser can display XML in conjunction with a style sheet, the main goal of XML (in the current state of the art) […]

About file formats

What is the preferred format for sending liturgical texts to The best one is XML, because this is the format of the future. We are preparing instructions for telling which tags we are using in our documents. If you have or LibreOffice running on your computer, you are a lucky man. Send us […]