Liturgical characters

The liturgical books of the recent Vatican editions need the glyphs contained in the following table.

Response and Versicle with the liturgy.ttf True Type font

The font liturgy only contains four glyphs.

Wasn’t the old Roman rite, anterior to 1969, more beautiful?

The new rite grants more liberty than the old one. When liberty is misused due to dogmatic ignorance, laziness, bad taste, etc…, the worship celebrated in these conditions will obviously not please to God and the faithful. However, when the new rite is celebrated with faith, piety, competence, knowledge of liturgical rules, and dedication, it […]

Some people use the adjective Roman for expressing the old Roman rite, anterior to 1969. Do you?

We don’t. When we speak about the Roman Rite, we are meaning the rite of the Roman Catholic Church currently in use, the so-called forma ordinaria. Pope Benedict XVI amplified the possibilities for celebrating the liturgy of the sacraments according to the previous form, as it was in use in 1962, which is now the […]

Are there other rites inside the Catholic Church than the Roman one?

Of course, there are several legitimated rites in the Catholic Church. These are divided in two great families: the Western rites and the Eastern rites. The Roman Rite belongs to the first family: the Western rites, and is the most common one.

What do you mean with Roman Liturgy?

The liturgy is the public worship that the Church, Mystical Body of Jesus-Christ, renders to God. We specify Roman Liturgy to express this website is dedicated to the study the ordinary form of the Roman Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, currently in use. It is the rite celebrated by the Bishop of Rome, since […]